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Bed Buying Guide: How to Choose a Bed for the Master Bedroom

The perfectly chosen bed becomes the centerpiece of your master bedroom. If you haven’t decided on the style that you will be using in your room, then you are likely unsure of which bed will work best within your space. Choosing a bed is like choosing any other piece of furniture, it can be stressful and hard to make a decision. If you are starting your process to purchase a new bed, take a look at our buying guide to get you started!


Bed or headboard? Know the difference.

First, you will need to determine whether you need a bed or headboard. A bed in one cohesive piece that ensures consistency. However, they can be difficult to move without disassembling the pieces. A headboard requires you to attach a separate frame to attach the mattress, but it easier to move these around as you only need to detach the headboard.


Types of Beds

Beyond the mechanics, there are many different bed types to choose from. This decision usually boils down to space restrictions and personal taste. Keep in mind that the type of bed that you choose can impact the style of your room, so make sure to choose one that fits well with your overall vision. Here are a few of the most popular types for master bedrooms:


Platform Bed

Platform beds come in a great variety of styles and don’t require a box spring. They are often associated with a mid-century modern design or minimalism. If you have trouble getting out of bed, you may want to steer clear of platform beds as they usually sit low towards the ground.


Canopy Bed

If your bedroom has high ceilings, a canopy bed is a great way to add a bit of drama! These beds feature four poles or posts at each corner of the bed that are connected by four beams. Light curtains or drapes can be hung across the framework to add style or privacy.


Poster Bed

Poster beds are a very traditional style and date back to the 1500s. Marked by four poles at each end of the bed, this style usually features wooden frames and embellished carvings on the columns.


Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are another traditional style that is best suited for larger rooms. They typically have very large, arched headboards with a smaller but similarly styled footboard.



Just as beds come in many different styles, they are also made with a variety of materials! These include iron, wood, and fabric. Depending on your taste and the style you desire for your room, choosing the right material can differ greatly!


Iron Beds are great if you are going for a farmhouse or vintage style. They are easier to clean, attract less dust, and work well with many different sheets and comforter styles and fabrics because of their simplicity.


Wooden Beds pair well with mid-century modern, minimalist, and farmhouse or traditional styles. The natural and earthy brown tones create a sense of warmth and calm in any bedroom! Wooden beds are great for those still determining a style, as they have a universal appeal.


Fabric Beds add some flair and drama to the bedrooms they adorn. Usually found on sleigh beds, and even platform beds, they offer many different kinds of fabric. This can include velvet, cotton, linen, and many others! Because fabric beds can give the illusion of taking up more space, they usually fit best in larger or more open bedrooms.



The Bottom Line

Choosing a bed for your master bedroom should be a fun process! The best approach is to have an idea of the style you are looking for in your bedroom and then determine how well certain styles work within a space. This will ensure that your bedroom is cohesive and welcoming!