mattress buying guide in uk

Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose a Mattress for the Best Night’s Sleep

Shopping for a mattress is no easy task. Foam mattresses, ones with springs, some are firm, while others are soft – there are just too many! It can be exhausting and confusing to figure out where to start. By the time you are finished, you are going to need a nap on one of the floor models. Rather than spending hours at the store, online, or avoiding this undertaking altogether, continue reading to learn how to pick the right mattress without the hassle.

Online or In-Store?

There are two main options when choosing how to shop for a new mattress. The first is at the store, where you can lay down on several different models to find the right fit. Or, you can try purchasing a new mattress online – this method is quickly growing in popularity. But, how do you choose?

Head to the store if…

If you have a more traditional approach and want to test a mattress before making a decision, then heading to the store is your best option. Keep in mind, you should never pay full price for a mattress at the store – the carry a massive markup! Shop for a new mattress during the event of a sale or negotiate with the salesperson. Shopping in-store can be overwhelming because of the incredible amount of options and the pressure created by the sales environment. Just remember, don’t rush to make a decision, and make sure to test out a mattress for at least 10 minutes before making a decision.

Open your laptop if…

You would rather shop from home and not have to worry about negotiating the price. Shopping online is great for those who have trouble making a decision, as there tend to be fewer options. Also, the prices tend to be lower, but final, since they are incurring a markup. Be sure to go with a company that offers a return policy that you are comfortable with since you can’t try before you buy.

Knowing Which Mattress To Buy

There are three types of mattresses that most people choose from: foam, adjustable, and innerspring. The position in which you sleep can greatly determine which is the best type for you! Side sleepers generally need a softer mattress, stomach sleepers should go with one that is firm, and back sleepers usually land somewhere in-between.

Innerspring mattresses have a bouncy feel but maintain their support to absorb shock and movement. These are great for side sleepers, partners, and stomach sleepers.

Foam mattresses are usually firmer, and they have less bounce and provide more relief from pressure. When choosing a foam mattress, be sure to pay attention to the thickness and the number of foam layers. Stomach sleepers should choose a firm foam mattress, and those who suffer from back pain or allergies may have more luck with this type.

An adjustable or air-filled mattress is particularly useful for couples who can’t agree on a mattress due to differing preferences. These mattresses also come in handy if your partner tosses and turns throughout the night. Back sleepers can benefit from the adjustability of this type.

Now that you have a better idea of how to buy a mattress that gives you a great night’s sleep, be sure to determine how to get rid of your old mattress. As a general rule, mattresses hold up for about ten years, anything over that, and you are risking a good night’s rest. Happy hunting!